Super cute two week old Humboldt penguin born in Scotland

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Humboldt penguinAndrew Milligan/ PA
Keepers at the Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, are celebrating the arrival of the first Humboldt penguin chick born in two years and it's super cute!
Humboldt penguinAndrew Milligan/ PA
The chick hatched on March 29 and is now two weeks old. It's is being looked after by foster parents Freckles and Sheldon who took on the job of keeping the egg warm and rearing the youngster after its real parents abandoned the egg.
PenguinAndrew Milligan/ PA
Penguin keeper Coni McEwan said the chick is putting on weight at a good rate.
Humboldt penguinAndrew Milligan/ PA
It weighs nearly 280 grams. The little creature hasn't been given a name yet, as keepers are still trying to find out if it's a boy or a girl.