New emojis available with iPhone software update

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Loads of new emojis launch on iOS - watch Hayley's report

Loads of new emojis are now available on Apple's latest iPhone update.

New skin tones have appeared, along with lots of different flags and gadgets, for anyone who has updated to the latest software, iOS 8.3.

A whole load of new-look faces, families and hand gestures are available at the bottom of the keypad too.

What would your emoji be?

For example, you can now get the man in the hat in six different colours. The hat stays the same though.

Meanwhile that woman with the crossed arms is now doing ninja moves across a variety of ethnicities.

Diverse arm cross ladyApple/Unicode

And you can now send little pictures of a family with same-sex parents - although there's no choice in skin tones, as far as we've worked out.

Diverse familiesUnicode/Apple

The variations don't apply to all the person emojis, but you can have a princess in several different skin tones.

Diverse princessesUnicode/Apple

You can paint the nails of different hands, but you're still stuck with pink varnish!

Diverse nailsUnicode/Apple

The new emoji set will also let you share a whole new stack of flags, no longer just China, Russia, the US and Europe.

Diverse flagsUnicode/Apple

Does the new set of diverse emojis get the thumbs up with you?

Diverse thumbsUnicoede/Apple
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What do you think about the new emojis?

I think that creating emojis of different skin tones shows respect to different races, different couple/family emojis allow people to use exactly the emoji they want to use.

Grace, 12, London
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