Amazing artwork on a pencil tip

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Padlocks on the tips of pencilsSalavat Fidai

You might be sharpening your pencils ready for school after the holidays, but check out the way a Russian artist carves his pencils.

Salavat Fidai carefully carves tiny sculptures into the tips of pencils.

To create his miniature artwork he uses a craft knife and magnifying glass.

Heart on the tip of pencilSalavat Fidai

When the works are completed, he photographs them with a special magnifying camera lens.

He creates all types of sculptures on pencils, including well known characters like Bart Simpson.

Bart Simpson on the tips of pencilsSalavat Fidai

And robot WALL-E from the Disney film.

Robot on the tips of pencilsSalavat Fidai

Remember don't try this at home, Salavat Fidai is an experienced artist.