The boy changing how money is made

A 13-year-old boy in Australia has changed how banknotes are made in the country.

Connor is blind and uses Braille to help him read and write.

Braille is a system of raised dots which enables a blind person to read. They use their sense of touch to feel the shape of the dots, which tells them what the words are.

But one thing Connor had always struggled to read banknotes, because there was no way of telling what they were. It meant if he received money for Christmas and birthdays, he had to ask how much he had been given.

He decided to start a campaign to have small bumps made on them, so people who are blind know what money they have.

More than 57 thousand people signed his petition and the Reserve Bank of Australia agreed to print tactile banknotes in the future, meaning people like Connor won't need to struggle anymore.

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