Tiger triplets in purr-fect condition

Three rare Sumatran tigers's health are in 'tip top shape' after being examined, weighed and vaccinated by specialist vets at Chester Zoo.

The three-month old cubs, born in January to mum Kirana and dad Fabi, were found to be two males and one female.

"It's really important for us to make sure they're healthy and in good physical condition and we're happy to report that all three of the cubs have been given a clean bill of health," said vet Gabby Drake.

Sumatran tigers are found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. They are the smallest of all tigers and have the narrowest stripes.

"We checked them over as quickly as we could before returning them to their mum Kirana. She's a very good mother and fiercely protective of her young charges, so we certainly didn't want to hang around for long."

Critically endangered in the wild, there are believed to be just 300-400 Sumatran tigers left as they are often targeted by poachers who use their body parts as traditional medicine.

Much of their jungle habitat has also been destroyed.

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