Best pet photos of 2015 revealed by PetSavers charity

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A hamster sits on top a pile of books with a pair of glassesCharlotte/PETSAVERS
Junior 1st prize went to Charlotte, who cleverly put together this picture, sitting her hamster Pip behind glasses to portray its intelligence.

A picture of a hamster 'wearing' spectacles has been named the winner in the junior section of a pet photography contest.

The picture, taken by Charlotte, who's 14 and from Colchester in Essex, shows Pip the hamster on some books looking very studious!

Charlotte said: "She was originally the school hamster, but lives with me and my family in her retirement.

"To make my image I decided to gather some school textbooks and glasses to put Pip behind.

"I thought this was the best way to express her characteristics, as she is quite an intelligent hamster."

The charity PetSavers who run the competition each year, say they've had more entries this time than ever before.

The other winners

Chinese water dragonFreyja Dennison
1st adult prize went to Toms, who captured his bearded dragon Ervins eating its favourite dinner...crickets.
A dog jumping in the seaGareth Evans
2nd adult prize went to Gareth, who took a great picture of his 5 year old border collie 'Jones' in mid air above the splashing water.
A dog jumping in grass and chasing a ballRoxanne Kelshall
3rd adult place went to Roxanne, for her picture named 'Ball Obsession'. The judges called it "an image full of life, showing what it's all about."

The junior winners

A black catLouis/PETSAVERS
2nd Junior prize went to Louis who snapped his cat in black and white. The judges praised the "striking bright eyes, pin sharp, in a well-balanced composition".
A Jack Russell looking at the cameraSOPHIA/PETSAVERS
3rd junior prize went to Sophia, who took this very symmetrical photo of her aunt's Jack Russell named Boli.

Our pick of the rest

A grey cat sticking out its tongueMarcus/petsavers
Marcus took this snap of his cheeky cat blowing a raspberry at the camera.
Two ducks snugglingjessica roberts
These fluffy ducklings were caught snuggling by Jessica Roberts.
A pet yawningAnnabel Mills
Feeling sleepy? Annabel took this action shot of her furry friend mid-yawn.
A two tone dog, half white half blackjohn cameron
John Cameron snapped this two-tone pooch, which has one side of fur white and one side black. He called the photo 'Winter Walk'.
A puppy sleeping with a soft toyAmie hibbert
This snoozing puppy is called Dexter. He was caught on camera snuggled up with a soft toy, by photographer Amie.