New 12-sided £1 coin designed by 15-year-old boy

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The design of the new £1 coin has been revealed after a competition to design the "tails" side.

The winner was 15-year-old David from Walsall who made a design featuring the four plants associated with the four nations that make up the UK.

His design features the leek, thistle, shamrock and rose, coming out of a crown.

Chancellor George Osborne said the image will be "recognised by millions in the years ahead".

The new coin will be roughly the same size as the current one, but has 12 edges and is both gold and silver coloured, like a £2 coin.

The new pound coin design. A twelve sided coin in gold, with a silver disc inset. The Queen features prominently.The royal mint
The new coin, with 12 sides

Really excited

David was declared the winner out of more than 6,000 entries.

The coin featuring his design will start appearing in shops and banks in 2017.

David said: "I was really excited to hear that I had won the competition to design the new £1 coin but hugely shocked as well."

The £1 coin is being replaced for the first time in more than 30 years because there are concerns it is too easy for criminals to copy.

The Royal Mint, which makes new coins, says the new £1 will be the most secure coin that exists in the UK.