Top tips for looking after a hedgehog

Ever wondered what to do if you find a hedgehog in your garden?

Hedgehog officer Simon Thompson works at the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and knows all about caring for hedgehogs.

These are his top tips...

When hedgehogs wake from hibernation they are hungry, so you can leave some dry or wet cat food out for them to eat. Avoid giving them bread and milk.

If you have a pond, make it safe by providing a ladder or ramp. Hedgehogs are good swimmers but can't always climb out of a pond without a ramp.

A small hole at the bottom of your garden fence will let hedgehogs pass to the neighbouring garden. Remember to ask permission before making holes in your hence!

An untidy area of the garden with a log pile will provide places for hedgehogs to hide. It will also attract insects for the hedgehog to eat!

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