How to watch the solar eclipse on Friday

You may notice the sky get darker on Friday as the UK experiences the first eclipse of 2015.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon lines up between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out the Sun's light.

It's a rare event and only possible when the Moon is at exactly the right distance from the Earth.

The eclipse we'll see on Friday will be a partial eclipse.

The sky will darken but the Sun will still peek out from behind the Moon.

The eclipse will begin at 8.45am and the Moon will be nearest the middle of the Sun at 9.31am.

By 10.41am it will all be over.

The UK hasn't seen a full solar eclipse since 1999, and won't get one until 2090.

Looking directly at the Sun can damage your eyes, so Hayley went to the UK's space centre to find out how we can watch safely.

Never look directly at the Sun - you may damage your eyes forever.

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