Should selfie sticks be banned?

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Should selfie sticks be banned?

Some of the world's great and good have been caught using a selfie stick.

From Barack Obama to Beyonce, they've become very popular over the last couple of years.

But not with some of the world's best known art galleries. The National Gallery in London has announced it's banning the use of the sticks - and some art experts have warned they could be 'damaging' and get in people's way.

Are they right? Should selfie sticks be banned? And if so - where? And why?

Big galleries in New York and Paris have already said they won't be allowed.

Footy team Tottenham Hotspur have also said no to the sticks because they block people's view.

You've been telling us what you think about this...

Your comments

Selfie sticks should be banned from big events as they could get in the way or spoil it for others!

Year 2, Atherton

We think that selfie sticks should be banned in some places, but not everywhere. We agree with museums to stop damage, and with stadiums, so people can't hurt themselves or other people. We also think people need to be more careful and aware of their surroundings so they don't hurt themselves when they take selfies.

Year 8, Oldham

I don't think selfie sticks should be banned because they are made for a bit of fun.

Jade, 13, Monmouth

I think they should get banned because they get in people's way and could hurt people.

Lewis, 12, St. Austell

I think selfie sticks should be banned, as you can take a selfie without one anyway!

Katherine, 13, Cornwall

I think they shouldn't be banned as I have just bought one and I think they're brilliant!

Eden, 12, Essex

I think they shouldn't be banned because people have fun with them. But they should be banned in museums 'cause you could knock something over or ruin art.

Hannah, 10, Wivenhoe

They should be banned because they could knock over objects and could damage the object with the flash. It is nice to take pictures to see were you've been though.

William, Worcester

I think they should be banned because if you have one and hit a child with it - it will hurt them.

Phoebe, Middlesbrough

No I don't think they should be banned.

Sam, Winchester

Yes we should ban selfie sticks because lots of people get hurt. If they made them safer then maybe we could keep them.

Amy, Cornwall