Pharrell and Moby head Dancing Man party

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Pharrell, Andrew WK and MobyGetty Images
Pharrell, Moby and Andrew WK all want to be at the party. Moby will DJ for free

Be proud of your dancing and be enthusiastic on the dance floor.

That's the message to anyone who likes to move when they listen to music.

Pharrell and Moby have all given their support to Sean from London.

The original post4chan
The original post where Dancing Man was made to feel uncomfortable dancing at a gig

He's now been nicknamed ''Dancing Man'' after he was tormented online for dancing at a concert.

He became well known around the world after photos with a cruel comment was shared online.

It said he stopped dancing when a group of people started laughing at him.

But he's having the last laugh now, after the picture went viral and thousands urged him to keep on dancing no matter what anyone says.

He's now been invited to a private party in Los Angeles - being organised in his honour - after a campaign to stand up to the bullies.

The invite onlineCassandrarules
The invitation to Dancing Man from 2000 people

Dancing Man has accepted the invitation.


Moby has now offered to DJ at the party for free saying "No-one should be ashamed of dancing".

Pharrell may also perform. He said ''Never be ashamed of yourself.''

Pharrell and Dancing ManGetty/Twitter
Pharrell and Dancing man

Dancing Man has thanked everyone for their encouraging responses

Dancing manTwitter
Dancing man getting ready for the party with a friend

"Just woke up to be greeted with so many more kind words. Big thanks again".

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