Glowing sand could save beaches

Glowing sand could help protect beaches that are at risk of being washed away by the sea.

Beaches are important to coastal communities because they attract tourists who spend their money in local shops and cafes.

But over time the sea washes away layer after layer of sand which can make beautiful beaches disappear. This is called long shore drift.

Giant wooden barriers have already been put up on some beaches to keep the sand in place.

On some beaches in Dorset tonnes of sand are pumped from the sea bed back onto the beach every month.

But this process is very expensive and takes a long time, so a new solution is being tested.

The new method involves stirring up a big cloud of sand under water, a short distance away from the beach, and letting the tide carry it back onto the shore.

The experts testing the process have dyed the sand with fluorescent glowing paint, so they can check if the sand is successfully being returned to the beach.

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