German Eurovision star Andreas Kummert quits on live TV

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Andreas Kummert shocked presenter Barbara Schoneberger with his announcement

The singer chosen to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest turned down the opportunity on live TV.

Every year in Germany the public vote for who they want to send to Eurovision. This year Andreas Kummert won the vote.

After he was announced as the winner he told presenter Barbara Schoneberger: "I'm really not in the right shape to accept this."

He gave his crown to a singer called Ann Sophie who was the runner-up in the competition.

She accepted the offer and will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Ann SophieAP
Ann Sophie will sing Black Smoke at the Eurovision Song Contest

In the UK, the BBC decides who to send to the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year's entry will be revealed after The Voice UK on Saturday night.