Katarina Johnson-Thompson wins gold

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Katarina Johnson-ThompsonEPA

Athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson says she is "full of regret" that she didn't break the pentathlon World Record.

She won a gold medal, and even broke the British record set by Jessica Ennis-Hill, but the World Record is still held by Nataliya Dobrynska from Ukraine.

To break the record, Katarina would have had to run the 800m section of the pentathlon in under 2 minutes 11 seconds.

Katarina told BBC Sport: "This is a huge breakthrough, but I am full of regret from the 800m."

She said: "I thought I could easily run that time and maybe took it for granted. It could've been a different story. I should've been able to do that."

What World Record would you like to beat?

I'd break the record for the most goals scored in one minute.

Aaron, Warwickshire

I would break the record for the fastest swimmer, I love swimming.

Amy, Cornwall

I would like to beat the world record for the longest pogo stick time.

William, Evesham

I would like to break a world record to do with running.

Sarah, Selby

I would like to break the record for most drumming in one hour because I am amazing at drumming!

Danny, Bristol

I would like to beat the longest swim record because I enjoy swimming lots!

Chloe, Southminster

I would break the world record for the slowest time eating jelly.

Emma, Birmingham

I would love to try and set a record for highest vertical jump.

Stevie, Manchester

I would break the most hot dogs eaten in a minute.

Ruby, Whitley Bay

I would like to beat the pentathlon record.

Emily, Scotland

I'd eat the most chocolate in one minute.

Leigh-Ann, Warwickshire

I would like to break the world record for longest swimmer.

Faye, Liverpool

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