'Miracle' rhino calf named Thembi

Last updated at 09:05
Thembi and ThandiKariega Game Reserve

The calf of a white rhino, who survived a vicious poaching attack in 2012, has been named Thembi. The name means 'hope' in the isiXhosa language.

It's three years since the calf's mother, Thandi, and two other rhinos were attacked by poachers for their horns.

Sadly, only Thandi survived and, with the help of vets, made an incredible recovery.

On 13 January 2015 she also gave birth to a healthy female calf.

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'Miracle' South Africa rhino birth

Vet Dr William Fowlds, who led Thandi's care since she was attacked, said: "The name Thembi seemed to fit best given that this little calf has brought fresh hope and energy to those who struggle to secure the future of our rhino."