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Petite pony gets periscope for peeping

Children in Brixton have come up with a clever solution to help Pedro the pony see over his stable door.

A pony struggling to see over a stable door
Life isn't easy when you're a petite Pony
Pedro straining to see over his stable door
At just over a metre tall, Pedro can't see over his stable door
Pedro in his stable
Pedro the Shetland Pony moved into the Ebony Horse Club in London a year ago but they only had full sized stables to house him in
School children with Pedro the pony
A group of school children were invited to come up with a solution
Children drawing
Building a new stable was too expensive, so the team came up with a clever idea
Pedro using his perioscope
They designed a periscope, which uses mirrors to let Pedro peek over the stable door
Pedro in his stable
The club is now trying to raise money to build Pedro a new stable
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See Pedro using his periscope