Baymax-style gadget developed in USA

A new device that can diagnose illnesses quickly - a bit like Baymax from Big Hero 6 - is being developed in the USA.

At the moment, finding out what illness a patient has can often take weeks, and patients may have to have lots of tests.

The makers of Gene Radar say their device can diagnose several illnesses very quickly, using just a drop of blood or even saliva.

They say it could be able to tell if somebody has caught a virus like Ebola, before they show any actual symptoms.

Now it's up to regulators in the USA to decide if the device can be approved for use.

There are many other companies working on quicker, more accurate tests for viruses like Ebola.

If any of them succeed, it could pave the way for fast, mobile healthcare devices a bit like Baymax in Big Hero 6!

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