Nappy-wearing Wellingborough goat 'acts like dog'

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Lily the kid was moved indoors after becoming sick

A sickly baby goat being nursed back to health in Northamptonshire has started behaving like the dogs she shares a home with.

Lily the kid became unwell when she was three weeks old and was taken inside to be looked after.

Her owner Rebecca Mineards hopes Lily, who has to wear nappies in the house, will soon be able to return to her mother.

Meanwhile, she is learning to play with the household pups and even wrestling their toys away from them.

Lily the goat
Lily first became sick in January
Lily the goat with a dogMineards family
Lily plays with the dogs' toys and "unfortunately" head-butts them occasionally, her owner said
Lily (left) before she became illMineards family
Lily (left) lived with her mother and twin brother Dexter before she became ill
Lily the goat with dogsMineards Family
The Mineards said their dogs find Lily's nappies "fascinating"
Lily the goat with a dogMineards family
Lily gets on well with her owners' four dogs