Skaters take over historic Malmesbury Abbey

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A skater pulls off a trick on a rampPA

Skaters in Wiltshire are enjoying a new skate park with a bit of a twist.

It's after half pipes, jumps and rails were set-up in Malmesbury Abbey.

This is the seventh time the abbey has been transformed and skaters will be able to enjoy the park until Friday night.

A skater jumps through the air in Malmesbury Abbey, WiltshirePA
A skater jumps through the air under the roof of Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire.
Kids on scooters also get involved in the actionPA
It's not just skateboarders that are getting involved. Kids on scooters are also taking part.
Camera crews and photographers capture the boarders in actionPA
The unusual setting is attracting a lot of attention especially from camera crews and photographers.
A skateboarder jumps off a half pipePA
Young skaters from in and around Malmesbury use jumps and grinds to show off their talents.
Skaters wait to use the facilitiesPA
The yearly half term activity attracts hundreds of skaters to the abbey.

After the last jump is performed on Friday a team of volunteers will remove the wooden boards and return the 120 straw bales that were used to make the park.