Amazing hot air balloon designs floating in Manila sky

Last updated at 14:50
Vincent Van Gogh hot air balloonReuters
This balloon being inflated shows Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh's head, covered with the painter's characteristic brush strokes.
Vincent Van Gogh and beagle hot air balloonAP
It's part of a big hot-air balloon festival that happens every year in Manila, in the Philippines.
Hot air balloonReuters
The festival's into its 19th year and organisers say 32 balloons are involved this time.
Boot hot air balloonReuters
There are some normal balloons but others are pretty strange designs - this one's based on the nursery rhyme The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe.
Octopus hot air balloonAP
Here's an Octo-balloon!
Devil hot air balloonReuters
And here's a cheeky devil! This one's called Burnie.
Firefighters tackle a burning hot air balloonReuters
Burnie's been at work! These firefighters had to get to work quickly when one of the balloons caught fire.
Hot air balloonsEPA
There they go... It's a pretty impressive sight when they're all in the air. Can you spot the upside-down one?