Corgi dogs listed as 'under threat' species

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Bill Lambert and 2-year-old Bailey came into the studio to talk about Corgis

The number of Corgis in the UK has fallen, putting them on the 'vulnerable' species list for the first time.

Experts at the Kennel Club have said that the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi is 'under threat' of extinction after they revealed there were now less than 300 of them left in the UK.

Debbie Richardson, from the Kennel Club, said that the Corgi is believed to be an "old person's dog and young people aren't buying or responsibly breeding the dogs."

The Queen with her corgis at Virginia Water watching competitors, including Prince Philip in the marathon of the European Driving Championship, part of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, in 1973PA
The Queen is a big fan of Corgis, and had them as pets for years

The number of Corgis has halved in the UK since 2006, whereas other breeds like the French Bulldog have risen in popularity.

Corgis have been the Queen's favourite breed of dog for years, and her Corgis even appeared in the James Bond themed special video at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

There are now 29 breeds of dog on the 'vulnerable list' in the UK.