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Seal pup rescued by RNLI in Redcar

A baby seal has been rescued by the RNLI after it took shelter near their lifeboat station on Redcar promenade.
This little seal pup has become a bit of a celebrity after being rescued by volunteers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in Redcar.
Seal pup rescued by RNLI
After more and more people came to the beach and made the young seal nervous, the RNLI volunteers thought it would be best to take the seal to their lifeboat station.
The Seal was taken in by the RNLI
The young grey seal had taken shelter at a promenade near the beach where the lifeboat crew were training, after a stormy night last Sunday with winds of around 60mph.
The lifeboat crew spotted the young seal pup.
Later that day, the lifeboat team contacted a group of divers who picked up the seal and took it to an area in the River Tees where there is a large grey seal colony.
The grey seal was taken to the River Tees to be released.
The volunteers then released the little seal pup back into the wild. Dave Cocks who works at the RNLI in Redcar said: "‘It was a bit different to the usual type of rescue we get involved with."
Baby seal is released into the wild.
They wrapped the seal pup up in some warm blankets and kept it in a quiet corner at the Redcar lifeboat station, where it could relax until they released it back into the wild.
The seal pup settled in to the station.