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Katy Perry performs at the Super bowl half-time show

Katy Perry wowed a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions during the Super Bowl half-time show. We've put together the highlights.
The Super bowl is a famous American football championship, which sees the best teams competing against each other. This year the two teams competing were the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. During the half-time break, there is always usually a big music concert.
Katy Perry dancing with Chess pieces
The superstar crammed a mash-up of her hit songs into a 12 and a half minute performance, and managed to squeeze in four costume changes, as well as some special guest performers. There was even a beach themed set with sharks as backing dancers.
Katy Perry dancing with sharks
Katy closed her incredible set by singing her hit song "Firework" whist flying through the air on a giant shooting star, with pyrotechnics attached to it. She certainly knows how to go out with a bang!
During her performance Katy was joined by a number of special guests who sang with her, including rapper Missy Elliot, and rock guitarist Lenny Kravitz.
Katy Perry and Missy Elliot
Katy Perry is one of a long-list of other superstars who have performed at the half time ceremony, including the likes of Beyonce and Bruno Mars.
Katy Perry riding on a tiger
Katy Perry gave a spectacular performance at the Super bowl half time show. She opened her performance by singing her smash hit "Roar" whilst riding a giant golden big cat, which was operated by a team of puppeteers. There has been a lot of debate over whether the big cat was a Lion or a Tiger.
Katy Perry riding on a tiger