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Ceremonies mark 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill funeral

Special events take place in London to mark the 50th anniversary of former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill's funeral.
Special events have been taking place in London to mark the 50th anniversary of former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill's funeral.
Havengore on the Thames
A wreath was dropped into the river, in memory of the former leader who is famous for leading Britain to victory in World War Two.
Wreath dropped into River Thames
Current British Prime Minister David Cameron and other politicians laid wreaths at the Churchill statue in the Houses of Parliament.
Politicians with wreaths
David Cameron called Churchill a "great leader and great Briton".
David Cameron
Churchill's great-grandson and granddaughter laid a wreath at his statue in Parliament Square. A service is taking place at Westminster Abbey later on Friday.
Winston Churchill's great-grandson and granddaughter lay a wreath
Churchill's funeral took place on 30 January 1965, six days after his death.
Winston Churchill's coffin on the Havengore during his funeral in 1965
Millions of people watched the event around the world. Churchill was given the highest honour of a state funeral - normally reserved for when a reigning king or queen dies.
Winston Churchill's funeral march
This is the Havengore - the boat that carried Churchill's coffin along the River Thames in 1965. It did the same journey on Friday for the 50th anniversary.
Havengore on the Thames