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Wonderful snow pictures from kids around the UK

Do you wanna build a snowman? You've been sending us your wonderful snow pictures from across the UK.
This pic of a snow covered trampoline is from Scarlet near Macclesfield, England.
Scarlet's photo
Scarlet has sent us in this beautiful snowy picture from her home in Langley. She said she still has to go to school though!
Scarlet's photo
This winter wonderland scene is from Aine in Northern Ireland.
Aine's photo
This one's Mickayla in County Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland. She wrote: "Lots of snow here."
Mickayla's photo
Daisy and Harry from central Scotland sent us this photo of their snowy back garden before they went to school on Thursday morning.
Daisy and Harry's photo
Dearbhail from County Derry, Northern Ireland, sent us this snowy pic!
Dearbhail's photo
It's snowy in Stonehouse, in Gloucestershire in England! Thanks to Cerys for this photo.
Cerys' photo
Amelia and Freya in Derbyshire, central England, said: "We've woken up to some amazing snow!!"
Amelia and Freya's photo
This was Daniel from central Scotland's snowy back garden on Thursday morning.
Daniel's photo
Elizabeth in Sheffield said: "When I woke up this morning it wasn’t snowing, now it’s like a snowstorm."
Elizabeth's photo
Abbie from central Scotland took this snap of snowmen drawings on the car.
Abbie's photo
Emily in Sheffield sent us this pretty pic. She said: "I took this photo at a local recreational ground called the Bolehills. The snow is quite thick here."
Emily's photo
Do you wanna build a snowman? We love this chilly fella from this class in North Lanarkshire in Scotland. Nice work guys!
Snowman with schoolchildren
No barbecue today! The garden furniture is out of action for the foreseeable future, in this frozen photo from Georgia in Derbyshire.
Snowy garden
Oisin, seven, and Kim, four, from Derbyshire look like they're enjoying the snow!
Oisin and Kim
Class 1H say: "We took a photo of our snowy playground in Livingston, West Lothian (Scotland). We hope you like it." We love it 1H!
Snowy playground
Cold never bothered me anyway! This amazing ice-princess has made her own giant snow castle, and even made a snowman friend too! These brilliant pictures were sent in by Emma from Kilkeel in Northern Ireland. Incredible stuff!
Emma with a snow castle
Brrrrr it's a good job these sheep have got thick woolly coats to keep them warm on Beth's farm in Derbyshire. She trekked through the snow to make sure they are well fed and looked after.
Beth's sheep in the snow
Lara from Macclesfield has made this cool crew of snowmen who are wearing some very fetching hats! She said the snow is very deep in her garden.
A group of snowmen
The playground at Tithe Barn Primary School in Stockport has been covered in snow! Thanks to Year 4 there for the pic.
Tithe Barn Primary School Year 4's photo