Chat: Are youngest children the funniest in the family?

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Are youngest siblings the funniest? Hayley reports

Are the youngest children in a family the funniest?

New research from YouGov suggests they might be.

They surveyed 1,782 people and found that youngest children were more likely than oldest children to say that they were funnier than their brothers and sisters.

This could be because oldest children feel a bigger sense of responsibility, while youngest children feel more easy-going and relaxed.

What do you think?

We want to know your thoughts - do you agree that youngest children are funnier?

Who's the funniest in your family, and why?

Are you funnier than your younger/older siblings?

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Your comments

I am 11 and my younger eight-year-old sister is funny and comical - more so than me!!

Alessandro, England

My little sister Yasmine (who's six) is the funniest in our family.

Francesca, Warwickshire

My little sister is definitely the funniest because she comes out with the silliest things!!!

Sam, Taunton

I am the funniest in my family because my two big sisters have really, really bad jokes (worse than my mum!!).

William, Oldham