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Huge blizzard affects 60 million people in USA

Whole cities are shutting down on the east coast of America as up to 60 million people are thought to be affected by heavy snow.
Hundreds of schools in the North-East have closed because of the blizzard, and these kids in New York are busy enjoying playing in the snow in Central Park. Many schools aren't expected to reopen before Wednesday at the earliest.
Children playing in the snow in Central Park, New York
This poor guy looks like he's fighting a losing battle trying to clear a snowy walkway near Foley Square in New York. The people who live here are expected to get around a metre of snow over the next few days.
a man is using a machine to clear some snow
This picture looks like it could be straight out of Narnia, but this is in fact the middle of New York City! The north-eastern side of the United States is currently experiencing heavy snow and strong winds. Whole cities are shutting down as up to 60 million people are thought to be affected.
a man walking through a snowy park in New York
The blizzard has been nicknamed Winter Storm Juno, with many people calling it a historic storm because there's so much snow in such a short time. This picture shows a large pile of snow which has been ploughed to help clear the street in Times Square, New York City.
two people talking next to a large pile of snow.
There's been major travel problems too. These roads in Boston, Massachusetts are closed to all traffic apart from snowploughs. Cities across the North-East of America have sent out snow ploughs to help clear the roads, and airlines have cancelled thousands of flights.
Huge snow ploughs are working to try to clear roads
This man is using a snowmobile instead of a car to get about in Boston. Driving bans for all but emergency vehicles, and public transport closures are in place in cities like Boston.
A man driving a snowmobile.
This town called Scituate, in Massachusetts is near the sea, and has been badly flooded as a result of the blizzard. The people who live there have decided to shut off the town's power supply, to help prevent any electrical fires being caused because of the flooding. Towns near the coast are being hit by hurricane-force winds of up to 75mph.
The streets are flooded with freezing water in Scituate, in Massachusetts.
Here's BBC reporter Gary O'Donoghue doing a special report for Newsround, in a very snowy part of Boston, Massachusetts. In the nearby city of Worcester, there've been reports of snow up to 60cm.
BBC reporter Gary O'Donoghue battles snowy conditions in Boston, MA