The two-legged puppy that hops like a kangaroo

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Roo the dogSafe Rescue for Dogs

This two-legged little puppy is often mistaken for a kangaroo, as she hops around her home town on her back legs.

Roo is a five-month-old puppy, who was born without one of her front legs, and lost her other front leg shortly after.

She was then adopted from a rescue centre by her new owners Nikki and Iain, and now lives in Northumberland.

Her owners say she is a very happy dog, and doesn't know any different to hopping around on her back legs.

Nikki said that people sometimes look twice, because Roo's hopping makes her look like a kangaroo!

Roo the dogSafe Rescue for Dogs
Roo goes to weekly hydrotherapy sessions

Roo goes to weekly hydrotherapy sessions, where she gets to swim in a swimming pool to help relax her muscles and joints after all that hopping.