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Upside-down iceberg in Antarctica looks like blue glass

Icebergs appear white as they're covered with snow. But photographer Alex Cornell managed to photograph the underside of one - and it looks like blue glass.
Photographer Alex Cornell took these incredible photographs of an upside-down iceberg, whilst on holiday with his family in Antarctica. It is incredibly rare to see an iceberg flip upside down and doesn't happen very often.
a photograph of an upside down iceberg.
Icebergs can flip over when they break away from large glaciers, or if they melt in a way that changes their weight, causing it to tip over. Alex was in the right place at the right time - and managed to get these amazing pics of the flipped iceberg.
a photograph of an upside down iceberg.
Icebergs are usually a lot bigger under the surface of the water, than what you can see above it. This iceberg looks blue, in the same way that seawater can appear blue, because when the light from the Sun hits the iceberg, all the colours apart from blue are absorbed by the ice.
a photograph of an upside down iceberg.
It's not all icebergs. Alex said that Antarctica was a great place to take photos, as there was always something spectacular to look at, like these two cheeky penguins!
two penguins in Antarctica
Alex took these amazing photos in the Cierva cove, in one of the most northerly parts of Antarctica.
a picture of a cove in Antarctica