Rare Nintendo game auction sees £65,600 bid cancelled

Last updated at 16:16
Nintendo Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events gameEbay

A rare 1980s video game being auctioned online has had a bid worth more than £65,600 cancelled.

The game is called Stadium Events and was released in 1987 for an early Nintendo console called NES.

Players use an accessory called the Family Fun Fitness Control Mat to take part in fitness challenges, a bit like a basic 1980s version of Wii Fit.

Reviewers say that game isn't even that good, but it's highly collectible in the USA because few copies still exist.

The bid, for $99,500, was cancelled - now the highest bid for the game is $32,252 (about £21,000).

The auction ends on Friday.

The game is for sale on an online auction website

Nick Parker, who used to work for Nintendo, said: "You don't see games going for that sort of price, it is very unusual."

He added: "There will be someone who is prepared to pay to own a piece of history."

Last year another rare video game sold for more than $100,000 (£65,000) in the USA, but it's thought the buyer pulled out of the auction.