Would you wear a watch that tracks where you are?

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A watch that lets parents track where their kids are is being showcased in America at one of the largest tech events in the world.

Equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), parents can monitor it using a smartphone app and its makers say its the smallest tracker of its kind.

But would you wear one? Do you think it's fair that your parents can track where you are?

Do you think it's a good idea and could help you stay safe? Or are you not keen on the thought of mum or dad being able to track you all the time?

We asked what you think.

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Your Comments

I wouldn't wear it because if someone steals my mum's phone they can track me.


What happens if the tracker GPS watch gets hacked into?

Charlotte, 9, Carlisle

I think that this new watch would be good for younger kids. However I believe it is too intrusive for older children such as 16 years old, who deserve more trust and privacy from parents.

Connor, 16, Salford

I wouldn't wear one because if someone got hold of your parent's phone anyone could see where you are.

Amelia, 11, Bollington

We thought this could be a good idea because the watches are stylish and the design means that strangers may not know this as a tracker. They could help to keep children safe and out of danger. Nonetheless, we also considered the price of the watches would be expensive and technology sometimes doesn't always work.

Primary 6, Glasgow

I think this watch takes away your child's freedom! It's a waste of time and money.

Callum, 9

I would wear this watch because it looks really cool.

Jessica, London

I think that it is a great idea and I would really love to have one myself.

Ruby, 11, Weston

My mum straight away said "yes!", but I would be more reluctant as it seems prone to hackers.

Carys, 10, London

I think children should be allowed to wear the watches because if you get into trouble your parents know where you are.

Cillian, 9, Bristol

I think this is a brilliant idea because if you were ever kidnapped or injured and didn't return home they would know where you are to help you.

Kiera, 12, Birmingham

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