CES 2015: Latest gadgets go on show in Las Vegas, USA

Last updated at 15:06
Air2 floating Bluetooth speakerAFP
The Air2 floating Bluetooth speaker won an innovation award

If you want to know what's going to be big in tech in 2015, then a huge tech show in Las Vegas might well have the answer!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's biggest annual consumer technology trade show, with more than a whopping 3,500 companies taking part this year.

Starting on Tuesday, top tech companies will show off their latest gadgets.

Here's a peek at some of the futuristic gear that'll be on show:


One of the highlights is a quadcopter called Zano. It's small enough to fit into your hand, but still powerful enough to film HD quality video.

QuadcoptorTorquing Group
So tiny it fits into the palm of your hand...

3D printing

No tech show would be complete without the latest 3D printers. Highlights include the latest in food printing and machines that can build detailed, multicoloured 3D objects like this below, just out of paper and ink.

Mcor 3D printMcor
This isn't a person - it's been 3D printed!

Smart cars

It's not just small gadgets: there'll be a whole host of self-driving cars including one that allows passengers to face each other (below) and one that you can park just by using a smart-watch app.

Mercedes concept carMercedes
Driverless car design by Mercedes


Look out for new quantum dot TV technology which involves tiny crystals - 50,000 times smaller than a hair - to give better colour quality to what you see on screen. And then there are TVs with nits - not the head lice variety - but more nits means the picture will look much better even in a sunny room.

LG Quantum DotLG
LG's TV with quantum dot technology

Weirder stuff

And of course there's more unusual stuff that will be on display.

Pacifi Smart PacifierBlueMaestro
This dummy sends a baby's temperature to the parent's smartphone

A toothbrush that plays a video game, a baby's dummy that connects to the net, a ring for your finger to show how many unread emails you have and a dog collar that lets you speak to your pet are all reported to be making an appearance at the huge event.

Rolkers prototypeAP
A 'rolker' - not a skate but attaches to your shoes to make walking faster!

The CES runs from 6 to 9 January.