Barack Obama says cancelling film release 'a mistake'

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What happened at Sony Pictures?

Barack Obama says Sony's decision to cancel the worldwide release of a controversial new film about North Korea's leader is "a mistake".

Sony had cancelled the film's international release after a threat from hackers.

But it now says it's looking into different ways of putting the film out.

The Interview is a comedy about a fictional plot to try and kill the controversial leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

Earlier this week, Sony had given cinemas in the US and Canada the option to bow out of showing The Interview because of the threats that were made.

Many major cinema owners have now decided not to show the film.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Why are Hollywood actors angry by the cancellation? BBC entertainment reporter Colin Paterson explains

This has led to the movie company, Sony Pictures, to pull the film altogether.

Lots of Hollywood's biggest film stars have reacted quite angrily to the decision to cancel the release of the film.

Night at the Museum actor Ben Stiller tweeted: "Really hard to believe this is the response to a threat to freedom of expression here in America."

Despicable Me star, Steve Carell, said it was a "sad day for creative expression".

James Franco and Seth RogenGetty Images
The Interview stars actors James Franco (left) and Seth Rogen (right)

Newsround told you last month how Sony Pictures had suffered a massive cyber attack from hackers, who accessed their systems.

No one knows exactly who was behind it but the US suspect it might be people in North Korea who think the film is insulting.

The Interview was due to come out on 25 December but those plans have now changed.