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Kids give their view on toys for boys and girls

Should there be separate toys for boys and for girls?

Hayley's travelled to Lego HQ in Denmark to challenge the toy company on making different toy sets for girls and boys.

Some campaigners complain that too many shops and toymakers reinforce stereotypes by targeting kids with different toys and want that changed.

Things like putting certain toys in pink or purple boxes for girls and others in blue boxes have been criticised.

But Lego told Hayley that it doesn't see a problem with its marketing.

What do you think?

So went want to know what you think on this. Should be separate toys for boys and girls?

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I don't think it's right that some toys are just targeted at boys and some just at girls because it might have an effect on what career path they choose. For example it might make girls think they can't be a engineer or a space scientist or a police officer, because those are Lego toys that come in blue packaging. Also it might make boys feel embarrassed if they want to become a cook or a riding teacher, because those toys are sold in pink and purple packaging.

Anna, London

It wouldn't hurt to make the packaging more neutral if Lego are just selling to all. After a quick conference this morning all kids agreed that they sometimes wanted to play with both. One girl mentioned that it feels different playing with boys Lego. It's more crazy!

David, Crediton