New doll based on 'average' woman gets thousands of pre-orders

Last updated at 07:22
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Ayshah reports on the new, more realistic, doll

Meet the new doll with a difference.

She's specifically designed to look more like a normal person than a supermodel and even comes complete with freckles, spots and scars.

The doll has been designed by US artist Nickolay Lamm and is based on the measurements for an average 19-year-old American woman.

Nickolay told Newsround: "I was shopping for a doll for a niece of mine and all the dolls looked like supermodels."

He added: "I'm just trying to add some diversity to dolls, so it's almost as if it's saying: yeah it's cool to be a supermodel - it's also cool to be a typical person."

The doll goes on sale next year but there have already been 19,000 orders.

Newsround's Ayshah has this report on the battle to make dolls more normal.