Chat: What's the best thing about your pet?

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It's Pet Week across CBBC and a chance to celebrate the best things about your furry, or scaly, friends.

Across the channel there are all kinds of things to watch and learn about all the real, and virtual, animals out there.

And on Newsround we want you to tell us what makes your pet special!

We want to hear from you!

  • Does your pet have a special talent?
  • Maybe they look like one of your family, or a famous celebrity?
  • Perhaps they help you around the house?
  • Or are they just always there when you need them?

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Your comments

My cat Button is special because he knows when his dinner is and meows when it's time. He is very loved and he knows when I'm ill.

Megan, Kent, England

My cat Rexx is special because he is a three-legged cat!

Max, Bristol, England

My pet hamster Blessings is special because he lets me stroke him, he can do the 'stand' trick and he knows when I'm near to play with him or feed him.

Catherine, London, England

I like my pets because if I am upset they come to me.

Libby, Carterton, England

I have five guinea pigs but I only actually bought two - they both turned out to be pregnant so then I had three more! They are so cute and friendly, and I love them to Pluto and back and even further!

Jodie, Exeter, England

My cat likes to sit at the table when we eat. He sleeps under the covers when we do and he can walk on his back two paws! I think he thinks he's a human!

Amelia, Chester, England

My dog Charlie is very special because he knows sit, down, paw and fetch.

Lois, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The best thing about my pet rabbit Cloudy is that she always lets me stroke her and giver her her food.

Jessica, London, England