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Pictures: Space photos of probe's comet landing

The Philae probe has had a bumpy landing on Comet 67P and has started scanning the area. See some pictures sent back from space of its historic journey to the surface.
Here the lander takes several pictures of the rocks around it.
new images
Philae's ROLIS camera sent this image of the comet during the descent on to the surface.
Philae from Rolis instrument
This photo taken by the probe shows the craggy surface of the comet - looking over one of Philae's feet
Comet 67P seen from the Philae lander
This image was taken by the "mothership" Rosetta. It shows the Philae probe as a tiny speck, headed for its historical landing.
Philae heading for the comet
This one shows the surface of the comet when the lander was just 40 metres from its bumpy touchdown.
Comet surface from 40m
The European Space Agency has made history by landing a probe on the surface of a comet, 500 million km away from Earth. Here is the Philae probe seen in space, on its way to the comet.
Philae seen from Rosetta.
This photo shows part of the Rosetta spacecraft with the comet in the distance.
Rosetta spacecraft with the comet in the distance.