Who will you be remembering this Armistice day?

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Martin went to visit the ceramic poppies

Armistice day - the day World War One ended - falls on 11 November every year.

It's a day we take a moment to remember those who have fought and died in wars. A two minute silence is held at 11am.

The Royal family, important politicians and people from all over the UK take the time to gather and remember the millions of people who have fought in wars.

Your comments

I am remembering the people that fought for our country.

Karis, Glasgow

I'm going to remember my great, great uncle John. He was shot while returning home for his birthday.

Aidan, Beckenham

We think about the men that thought for everyone's freedom. We wear poppies to show thanks and respect to all the men that died in the war.

Jayden, Glasgow

I'll be thinking about people who died when we are silent today.

Megan, Doncaster

I will be remembering my great, great uncle today.

Kelsey, Doncaster

I am doing a two minute silence at school. We are going to remember all the soldiers that died in the war.

Jessica, London

I am remembering my granddad because he fought in the war and died last year, so today I'll be thinking of him.

Megan, Wirral

When it strikes 11am my class will have two minutes of silence and I will be thinking about the Midlothian team who joined the war even though they were predicted to win the Premier League.

Sarah, Edinburgh

Today I will be remember my great, great grandfather who lost a leg in the war and my great grandfather who died when his plane was lost at sea.


I'm remembering all the people who died and risked their lives for us.

Grace, Shropshire

I am remembering everyone because all of the soldiers who died matter.


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