Europe's first flying car prototype revealed

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Flying carReuters

Developers have revealed an advanced prototype of a flying car at a technology conference in Vienna.

The AeroMobil Flying Roadster 3.0 is the first flying car to be developed in Europe.

Like a car, it has four wheels but it also includes a set of wings and a propeller.

Flying carReuters
The Flying Roadster can also be driven as a normal car

It will be possible to park the vehicle in regular parking spaces and fuel it at normal petrol stations

The vehicle will reach speeds of over 100mph when used as a car. However, as an airplane, it will be able to reach speeds of 124mph.

Flying car dashboardReuters
The flying car will be able to land on lawns and patches of farmland

The flying car won't be cheap and is expected to cost around £172,000.

Further development will take place over the next few years.