Giant loom band chain created

This school in Oxfordshire is taking loom band making to the extreme, by trying to make a chain long enough to reach the moon.

In order to reach the moon, the chain would have to be around 385 thousand kilometres long, that's about the same as 70 thousand giraffes standing on each others heads!

The school is making the chain to raise money for a charity, after a little boy called Skye who used to go to the school, passed away from a brain tumour. It was his dream to raise money for charity by making the super long chain, so his little brother Jesse, and the rest of the school have taken up the challenge in memory of him.

But it is not just this school who is making the chain, many other schools have now joined the cause.

So far the schools have raised around £2,000 for charity, and it is still going.

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