Pocket money on the rise

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Pocket money on the rise

Children's pocket money has gone up and up over the last thirty years, according to a survey by Halifax bank.

On average children aged eight to 15 years old get £6.35 a week in the UK, and children in London get almost £2 more!

Over the years pocket money for children has gone up faster than the money people earn at work.

Two out of three children have to do household chores to earn their pocket money, according to the survey.

The research was carried out among more than 1,100 children aged between eight and 15 years old.

How do you spend your pocket money?

Me and my little bro Toby get £0 every year. Our parents don't give us pocket money. I was shocked when I saw how much people in London get on average! Ridiculous!

Oli, Charlbury, England

I spend my pocket money on loom bands! I get £10 per week.

Naomi, Trowbridge, England

I get £1 a month for helping around the house. When I am allowed to go to the shops I spend my money wisely and only get a few things. I put the rest of my money in my bank account.

Lily, Nuneaton, England

I help my Dad with cleaning his car and help my Mum in the kitchen but I don't get any money. I think there should be a law that the government should give children pocket money.

Danish, Bradford, England

I would spend my pocket money on art supplies, toys and maybe a book, because I enjoy those things - but I have to do chores before I get the money.

Sophie, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

I usually only get birthday money but sometimes when I help out around the house I get pocket money. I'm fine with not getting pocket money, because when I do I spend it on something I don't need.

Yva, Tunisia

I get £2.50 a week and that is a fair amount for me. I get it monthly, so I can decide whether I want to use it early in the month or spend a little at a time. I don't have to work to get money, but I do the dishes and help daily anyway without any reward.

Farsya, Birmingham, England

I don't get pocket money but with my birthday/Christmas money I spend it on clothes or a DVD.

Sarah, Stockport, England

I get around £8.75 per week; I don't earn my pocket money and I think I get too much but I think I should start working for it.


I don't regularly get pocket money but I am starting to get a few pounds by doing chores

Kyla, Helensburgh, Scotland

I think I have a fair amount of pocket money each week. I have about £10 a week. I have to work for my money - I have to do the dishwasher, feed the rabbit and feed the cat.


I think my pocket money is fair. I get £5 if I have not done loads of chores and £10 if I do more. I usually save up my money if I found something really cool but I might just spend it on sweets for me and my friends.

Zoey, Nottingham, England

I have to do chores and I get £2 if I do them.

Lucy, Doncaster, England

I get £2 off my nan , £2 off my auntie and £3 of mom and dad each week. I save my money to buy anything I want and if my family want anything I let them borrow some of my money. If I'm extra good I get more each week !

Lissy, Walsall, England

I spend my pocket money on my horse Max, and buy him treats and rugs!

Molly, Atheron, England

I'm saving my money so I can go to Glanllyn with the school.

Elin, Pwllheli, Wales

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