Comments: What are you doing for Halloween?

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Jenny gets a Halloween make-up and costume masterclass

Halloween is back and we want to know to what you are planning for the scariest night of 2014!

What are you doing for Halloween?

  • Have you already got a costume ready? What is it?
  • Will you be trick or treating?
  • What do you like about Halloween?

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Your comments

This Halloween I'm going to my cousins house and go trick or treating and then I'm going back to my house to do some more.


I am going to the beach, then I am going trick or treating with my friends. Then we'll decorate the house, then we'll have ice lollies, then we'll make a movie all about Halloween and then we'll also carve some pumpkins.

Teniola, London

This Halloween me and my friend Ishan are going trick or treating. My costume is a were wolf and I have a great mask! We are playing games at my house before we go out! It is going to be the best Halloween ever.

Dylan, London

I'm dressing up as a black cat, then going trick or treating with a friend, followed by a disco till 10! I love Halloween!!!

Lizzie, Channel Islands

This year I'm going to my friends Halloween party.


I am going trick or treating with my best friend Abby, and my other friend Jazz. I am also helping out at the cubs party.


I am dressing up as a pirate because I love pirates.

Sarah, Manchester

I will be helping out at my younger sisters Halloween party.


Hi Newsround! I'm going to a Halloween party as a creepy doll for Halloween.

Yva, Tunisia

For Halloween I am dressing up as an Egyptian princess and going trick or treating around the area I live in.

Lydia, Birmingham

This is my spooky skeleton pumpkin - Amy

I'm dressing up as little red riding hood and I will be going trick or treating with my sister. The thing I like about Halloween is seeing all of the scary costumes.

Ellie, Northern Ireland

For Halloween, I'm dressing up as a witch and going trick or treating with my friend and her sister.

Diti, Manchester

In our school we are having a Halloween disco on Friday! We are very excited, we will be dressing up, playing games and dancing. There will also be a Halloween parade.

P2, Glasgow

I am dressing up as Anna from Frozen.

Abi P2/1

I am dressing up as an army man.

Harrison P2/1

I am dressing up as captain America.

Luke P2/1

I am dressing up as a witch.

Deanna P2/1

I don't celebrate Halloween, therefore I do not have any costumes. But I do have lots of sweets, yummy!

Farsya, Birmingham

I have already got my costume, it's a witch. I also have a broom and I have been practising flying. I have carved a pumpkin with a moon and many stars, last night we put the pumpkin outside, it looks very spooky! I am going trick or treating with my BFF, I just can't wait!


I am doing pumpkin carving and a spooky maze where people jump out and scare you!


My friends are coming round to trick or treat, then me and my brother are sleeping at theirs.

Ruby, Somerset

We are going to have Halloween on the beach with friends, a fire and sausages and glow sticks. My mum and I made a costume to wear by adding a bit of material with tissue paper and food colouring on it.


I am having a trick or treat walk with my friends, also I am wearing a zombie little red riding hood costume and I will have dark eyes.

Tilly, Farnborough

I am wearing a skeleton costume with a purple sparkly skirt and a skeleton hair clip.


We love dressing up for Halloween. I am having a bowling party because it is my birthday on the 31st.


I have got a Halloween costume it is a pussy cat. I will be trick or treating. What I like about Halloween is that you get lots of sweets and chocolate (I have still got some sweets from 3 yrs ago! yuck) We haven't carved any pumpkins yet put we will!

Roma, Oxfordshire

Where I live there is a Adventure Playground and they are having a Halloween party and it's not much to get in, so I'm going. After I'm going trick or treating with some friends.

Amy, Chester