Should schools make you brush your teeth?

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We ask kids their thoughts about brushing teeth at school

Some primary schools and nurseries in England should supervise children brushing their teeth, say NICE, an organisation that gives guidance on health matters.

The recommendations have been made because some children in England as young as five, have decayed, missing and filled teeth.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, say that teeth brushing in school should take place in certain areas with high levels of tooth decay.

They also say free toothbrushes and toothpaste should be handed out for use at school and at home in these areas.

Your comments

We asked you if you thought brushing your teeth at school was a good idea or not. Here's some of your comments.

I don't think children should brush their teeth at school because parents and guardians should make sure that you should brush your teeth.


I would rather be late for school than brush my teeth at school.

Nicolah, London

I think that schools should make you brush your teeth because it will make children's teeth healthy and strong.

Jessica, London

I think you should because children don't always brush their teeth properly when they do it at home but maybe If they did it with their friends they'd do it correctly for two minutes.

Amy, Kent

We have mixed feelings about it in our class but most of us were against the idea of having to brush our teeth in front of each other in school. Some of us thought it was something that our parents should encourage and teach us to do.

Class 5B, Bristol

Yes, just in case you don't have time to in the morning.