Investigations into what caused power station fire

Last updated at 15:44
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Firefighters are investigating the cause of a major fire at a power station in Oxfordshire.

It took 25 fire engines and about 100 firefighters to get the blaze at the gas-fired station under control.

It is not known what caused it but it started in one cooling tower before strong winds made it spread to two other towers.

The fire was put out at about midnight and no-one was injured.

Georgina Miles, who lives near the power station, said: "We saw the flames basically licking the top of the small cooling towers. It was pretty dramatic. There was a lot of damage."

The station was partly shut down because of the fire but the company which runs it said it would not mean a loss of national energy supplies.

Investigators will be finding out how badly affected the station is and how soon it can be repaired.