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Behind the scenes at the zoo with Nimbus

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes when Martin met Nimbus, the clouded leopard.
Naughty Nimbus decided to climb on our cameraman to get a better view of her enclosure. Clouded leopards are some of the best climbers out of all the big cats and can even hang upside down from tree branches using their large paws and long claws.
Nimbus the leopard climbing on our camera man
Nimbus's mother couldn't look after her when she was born, so zoo keeper Jamie and his family stepped in to help. She had to be bottle-fed by hand and lived in their bathroom until she was big enough to move into her new enclosure. Here is Jamie's daughter Neimi giving her a cuddle.
Nimbus the clouded leopard in a bathroom
Neimi and Jai took Martin on a tour to meet some of the other animals, like these penguins.
Neimi and Jai gave Martin a tour of the zoo
This cheeky red-bellied lemur was hogging the camera while the Newsround team were meeting the rest of the animals.
A red bellied lemur
Meet Nimbus, she's a three month old clouded leopard cub, who had a bit of a bumpy start to life. Clouded leopards are very rare and normally live in the rainforests in South-East Asia in the wild.
Nimbus the clouded leopard
Martin went to meet Nimbus and had a chat with keeper Jamie, to find out what it's like to raise a baby leopard in your bathroom.
Martin meeting Nimbus the leopard cub and her keeper Jamie