Comments: Would you cycle to school?

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Charity calls for more young cyclists

How do you get to school? Do you go in the car, walk, or do you cycle?

Currently about four in every 100 children cycle to school.

A charity called Sustrans wants more children to get on their bikes and is calling on the government to do something about it.

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Your comments

I can't cycle to school, because there's four roads to pass through, although it only takes five minutes. I wish it wasn't all about the cars!

Marianne, England

I would love to cycle to my school but unfortunately, it's too far! It takes about 45 minutes in the car.

Osha, Walsall, England

Yes I would like to cycle to school but I'm not allowed because my school is too far away from my home.

Brianna, United Kingdom

I feel safe on my bike I ride it to school every other day.

Harry, Essex

I think a way to solve the problem in Farndon is to have an under pass then I could cycle to school.

Ben, Farndon, England

I can't cycle because there are four roads to pass, although it only takes five minutes, I wish it wasn't all about the cars!

Marianne, England