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Fantastic firework displays from around the world

Take a look at this gallery of some the best firework displays from around the world.
Take a look at this amazing display from the International Fireworks competition in Hannover, Germany this year. This amazing display from the Swiss team scooped the top prize for their "excellent" use of pyrotechnical and musical effects. Amazing stuff!
Firework explosion
This eye-catching firework display looks a bit like a crown, and was taken from the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. The fireworks had to be transported to the stadium by boats!
Firework display
Here is a brilliant snap of the world's largest firework display ever, achieved by the Dubai Government at the Palm Jumeirah Island and The World Islands in 2013. The epic display lasted around six minutes and took a whopping 479,651 fireworks to make, stretched over 59 miles of coastline.
Firework explosions
This incredible explosion was created in Konosu in Japan and smashed the records for using the world's heaviest firework! Weighing in at a staggering 460kg (that's about the same weight as a fully grown polar bear!) the firework created a beautiful rosette of light which was 800 metres across.
New Year always delivers on the spectacular firework front, and this incredible display was snapped in Hong Kong in January, 2014. The fireworks were launched over Victoria Harbour as part of a musical and pyrotechnical display to welcome in the new year.