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Pictures: More behind the scene shots of 1D video shoot

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the music video for the band's new single 'Steal My Girl'.
The video features Hollywood film star Danny Devito. He plays the part of the band's video director.
One Direction video shoot
Danny Devito has starred in many films. He has also worked as a director on films such as Matilda.
One Direction video shoot
One Direction have recorded the music video for their new single 'Steal My Girl'.
One Direction video shoot
The band filmed the video in LA recently. It will include sumo wrestlers and a brass band!
One Direction video shoot
The 'Steal My Girl' video will be released on 24 October.
One Direction video shoot
Cutest fan they've ever had ? Behind the scenes shots of Louis and Zain with their new friend filming 'Steal my Girl'
Louis and Zain hug the chimp
Fighting with their greatest fan on the set of their latest video shoot
Louis and Zain get up close and personal with their greatest fan
Louis takes time out with his new pal - a chimp!
Louis on the set of his latest video
Who's the greatest singer here? Louis thinks he wins. Behind the scenes shot with his co-star the chimp.
Louis sings songs with a chimp
Who's looking at you kid ? Louis, Danny and a chimp - fight for the camera on a shoot for the new video
Nice glasses on the chimp - with Louis and Danny de Vito