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Hello Kitty museum display opens in US

The exhibition includes Hello Kitty items past and present ahead of her 40th birthday.
Another part of the display looks at modern day Hello Kitty creations by designers and artists from around the world. These dresses were made using the famous toys.
Hello Kitty dresses
The exhibit looks at Hello Kitty over the years and includes many items such as toy aircrafts and cups.
Hello Kitty items
The display has opened at the Japanese American National Museum in time for the character's 40th birthday.
"Hello Kitty in Bloom" by Michael Courville
A Hello Kitty museum display has opened in Los Angeles in the US dedicated to the famous character.
A dress made with Hello Kitties
"Kittypatra" was designed by Simone Legno. It is a version of Hello Kitty inspired by Cleopatra, who ruled in Egypt thousands of years ago.
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty was created in 1974 in a design contest in Japan. The character has since found fame all around the world.
Hello Kitty toy
The first-ever Hello Kitty item is on display at the museum. The small vinyl coin purse first appeared in shops in Japan in March 1975.
Hello Kitty small vinyl coin purse