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We know some of you might have questions about what's happening in west Africa where at least 3,800 of people have died because of a disease called Ebola.

The UK and America are sending soldiers to help people in the countries affected to build better medical centres to treat those who have the virus.

Health checks on people travelling from Africa have also been introduced at airports in America to stop it spreading.

If there's anything you want to ask about the disease then send us your questions and we will ask medical experts as many of them as we can.

This chat page is now closed. Thank you for all your questions. We'll try and get as many answers as possible. Keep watching Newsround.

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Your questions

Is there a chance of Ebola coming to the UK and how big or small is the chance? Also, what are the symptoms of Ebola?


Will there be a cure for Ebola?

Aidan, Beckenham, England

Can Ebola be carried by animals like dogs, cats and birds or by insects?

Mike, New Jersey, USA

My main question is will Ebola come into the UK?